This is all you need to know. My name is Chris and I’m the one running things here.

“Geistkreis” is the German word for “intellectual” or “spiritual” (Geist) “circle” (Kreis).* I chose the word simply because I envision this blog as a place where my thoughts on just about anything can be thrown out into the blogosphere and ruminated upon by myself and a circle of passersby (i.e. what will most likely merely be my close friends) who will likewise share their own thoughts, the result hopefully being a fruitful exchange of ideas.

The goal then, is an online Geistkreis. Voila. It all sounds quite nice on (err, digital?) paper, but let’s see if it actually pans out in practice…

* My source for the title comes from the Autobiographical Reflections of the 20th century political philosopher, Eric Voegelin. If you really desire looking the passage up, see the reflection “University of Vienna.”